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President's Welcome

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the Anglican Schools Australia (ASA) website. We hope this resource, and its links to other sources, will provide Anglican school leaders, chaplains, senior staff and board members with information and advice that enables them to successfully lead and manage their schools. We hope you will use this website as a means of communicating with colleagues at other Anglican schools as well as with ASA staff.


Strategic Plan

The ASA Strategic Plan 2013-2016, which was ratified at the Management Committee's November 2013 meeting in Melbourne, was developed in response to the Committee’s desire to determine the organisation’s priorities, and define its core purpose and vision.


One of the outcomes of the strategic planning process that in part involved surveying representatives from all member schools, was the identification of three core activities:

  • Collegiality and Collaboration
  • Resourcing, Support and Development
  • Advocacy and Alliances

It was also noted that each of these activities is enabled by better communication; clear, well-defined leadership; and efficient and effective administration. The Strategic Plan is available on this website.


A key focus of the Management Committee's work this year will be developing a new four-year Strategic Plan for the period 2017 to 2020. We aim to launch the new plan at the Adelaide Conference.


Facebook Pages

To enhance our online presence and immediacy of contact with our members, ASA recently launched its Facebook Page, 'Anglican Schools Australia', to profile the network on social media.

Within days more than 100 people had viewed the page and it continues to gain traction. We encourage members to visit the site, like it and post articles about your schools. Click here to go to the page.


Earlier in the year our Chaplains set up a closed Facebook Page,

'ASA Chaplains' as a way of keeping in touch, sharing ideas and resources, and supporting one another. The page, which has 44 members, was seen as a forum for discussing ideas in preparation for the Chaplains' Networking Day at the Adelaide Conference. 



I am pleased to advise that this year's ASA Conference will be held in Adelaide from 12-13 August at the newly expanded Adelaide Convention Centre which overlooks the recently refurbished Adelaide Oval and the historic St Peter's Cathedral. As is the tradition our Chaplaincy Day precedes the Conference and will be held on 11 August.


Christopher Prance, Conference Chair and Principal of St Peter's Woodlands Grammar School, invites all ASA members to attend the  Conference. The members of the Organising Committee have chosen the theme, Rivers in the Desert, for their conference which is to be staged in the driest state in the driest continent on earth. Christopher Prance says: '... South Australians know well that the desert is a place of scarcity. God's promise of rivers in the desert invites us to reflect upon our sources and resources of hope. Just as water is a resource that brings transformative life in desert places, so hope brings transformation at many levels in our lives. A key question that will be posed at the Conference is: In what ways can we fashion Anglican schools as communities of hope?


The ASA Management Committee is once again offering a limited number of fully sponsored Conference Registrations. Funding covers registration costs for people who have been unable to attend a conference but not associated accommodation or travel costs. Our aim is to assist school principals, deputies, chaplains, religious educators and boarding and pastoral leaders from Australian member schools attend the Conference. The deadline for receipt of Applications for Sponsorship is Friday 8 July 2016.

Click here to download an Application for Sponsorship form.


Conference Program and Registration Form

Click here to download a copy of the Conference Brochure.

Click here to download a copy of the Conference Registration Form.


The members of the Organising Committee and I look forward to welcoming you to our annual Conference in Adelaide in August 2016. 



Jim Laussen

ASA President.