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President's Welcome

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the Anglican Schools Australia (ASA) website. We hope this resource, and its links to other sources, will provide Anglican school leaders, chaplains, senior staff and board members with information and advice that enables them to successfully lead and manage their schools. We hope you will use this website as a means of communicating with colleagues at other Anglican schools as well as with ASA staff.


Strategic Plan

ASA launched its second strategic plan, Strategic Plan 2020, in August 2016. This plan which grew out of the achievements of our first strategic plan will guide the network's development over the next four years. 


The following five key priorities form the basis of our plan:

  • Creating opportunities for ongoing collaboration and mutual support
  • Enhancing support for School Chaplains
  • Stimulating discussion and sharing of knowledge about key issues and opportunities impacting Anglican schools
  • Building the capacity of Anglican schools as contemporary Christian communities
  • Strengthening advocacy for Anglican schools

In addition, the ASA is looking to build alliances with Anglican agencies; to encourage New Zealand Anglican schools to join our network; and to supporting the work of Anglican schools as faith-inspired communities of learning.


Click here to read Strategic Plan 2020. 


Facebook Pages

To enhance our online presence and immediacy of contact with our members, ASA launched its Facebook Page, 'Anglican Schools Australia', in mid-2016 to profile the network on social media. Within days more than 100 people had viewed the page and it continues to gain traction. We encourage members to visit the site, like it and post articles about your schools. Click here to go to the page.


Our chaplains also established a closed Facebook Page, 'ASA Chaplains', as a way of keeping in touch, sharing ideas and resources, and supporting one another. The page, which has 70 members, was initially seen as a forum for discussing ideas in preparation for the Chaplains' Networking Day at the Adelaide Conference. It is fast becoming the key means by which chaplains keep in contact with one another.



Under the direction of Dr Mark Sly, the organising committee for our Brisbane Conference has chosen Joy as our theme. They found inspiration in Psalm 100: 'Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth.'


Mark writes that 'Joy is a state of mind and orientation of the heart. In schools today it is easy to get overwhelmed by policies, regulation, compliance and bureaucracy. It is easy to become consumed by the routine and the mundane and to lose sight of the wonderful opportunities we have each day to work with young and enthusiastic minds. We have an enormopus privilege to be surrounded by impressive young people and to help shape their futures. There is so much joy in our roles and in our schools that it should be celebrated.'


The organising committee aims to create a joyful experience for attendees whilst celebrating the many and wonderful aspects of working in schools.


Mark and I encourage principals, chaplains, senior staff, members of school councils and clergy to attend the conference in August.


Click here to view a glimpse of what the Brisbane Conference will offer.


Conference Brochure

Click here to download a copy of the Conference Brochure.


Conference Registration Form

Click here to download a copy of the Conference Registration Form.


Sponsored Conference Registrations

ASA's Management Committee is once again offering a limited number of sponsored conference registrations for attendance at the 2017 Brisbane Conference. Applications close on Wednesday 31 May 2017.

Click here to download an application form. 


Jim Laussen

ASA President