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Chaplaincy Shadowing Program


The Chaplaincy Shadowing Program was AASN's first major project. Launched in 2004 its purpose is to give chaplains 'the opportunity to have a companion on the journey and to learn from a respected friend' (Tony Horsley, July 2005). Six chaplains signed on for the first three-year program in 2005. Since then more than 45 chaplains have benefited from the program. Some of the benefits they have identified include:

  • Being able to look at the chaplain's role in providing pastoral support to the whole school community ? students, staff and parents.
  • Having the opportunity to engage with another chaplain in discourse.
  • Bringing a focus to the chaplain's role within the school community as 'specialised ministry'. 
  • Providing something of real Professional Development for chaplains.
  • Having the opportunity to 'live-in' as part of another school environment, not simply visit it.

For further information on ASA's Chaplaincy Shadowing Program click the following link.

Chaplaincy Shadowing Program


In addition you may like to read Philip Goldsworthy's article on the purpose of Chaplaincy Shadowing which was published on pages 12-13 of the December 2014 issue of ASA NEWS and Kirsten Winkett's article, Learning Through Shadowing, which was published on pages 32-33 of the April 2015 edition of the newsletter.

Click here to read Philip Goldsworthy's article and here to read Kirsten Winkett's submission.