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Who can be a member?

All Anglican schools throughout Australia are eligible for membership of ASA. Though the term 'membership' applies to the school, all staff of a school are entitled to participate in the life of the Network.


An Anglican school is one that has an Anglican foundation historically, or a direct or indirect link with the Anglican Church through its governance and/or chaplaincy, or which claims an Anglican heritage and is in communion with the Anglican Church of Australia, or is capable of being in communion with the Anglican Church of Australia.


A category of associated membership is also available to schools from other denominations or non-denominational schools or to individuals not directly involved in Anglican schools but with a commitment to the Network.


Membership Categories

There are five membership categories, covering Anglican and other schools, Anglican entities, and individuals. For further details please refer to the Membership Form below.


Membership Form

Click here to download the 2020 Membership Form.


Membership Subscriptions 2020


Annual Subscription (Incl. GST)

1. Schools in the first two years of operation


2. Other Schools: up to and including 400 students


3. Other Schools: more than 400 students


4. Entities associated with Diocesan authorities


5. Associate Membership