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Programs & Resources

Chaplains Facebook Page

Earlier this year our Chaplains established a closed Facebook page, 'ASA Chaplains' ( as a way of keeping in touch, sharing ideas and resources, and supporting one another. The page, 'ASA Chaplains', is seen as a forum for discussing ideas in preparation for the Chaplains networking Day at the Adelaide Conference.  


Blog for Christian Ministry in Anglican Schools


The Place for Mission blog is a place for people working in Anglican Schools to come together and discuss some of the joys and challenges of their work. Posts cover the many facets of schools ministry and include contributions from people working across Australia. The blog aims to stimulate thinking and to provide a platform where ideas can be shared and conversations kicked off. 

Andrew Stewart, the chaplain at Mentone Grammar in Melbourne, curates the blog. He is always on the look out for contributions so if you have an idea to share or want to reflect on an aspect of ministry please be in contact with him –






Hans Christiansen, 'Building Bridges', ASA NEWS July 2016, pages 74-75

The Reverend Hans Christiansen, Senior Chaplain at Melbourne Grammar School (VIC), has a keen interest in World religions, contemplative spirituality and interfaith dialogue. The co-founder and former President of the Mornington Peninsula Interfaith Network is a Board member of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim Association. Hans is an advocate for social and ecological justice and is a member of the Anglican Diocese's Social Responsibities Committee. In 'Building Bridges' he writes about Melbourne Grammar School's involvement with the Building Bridges Interfaith Dialogue Program. 


Alex Abecina, 'Critical Trusting & Anglican Education', ASA NEWS July 2016, pages 76-77

Alex Abecina is the Head of Ministry at Burgmann Anglican School (ACT) where he serves as the Senior Chaplain, Religious Studies teacher and member of the Executive Leadership team. He holds degrees in physics and theology, and has published works on the fourth century theologian Gregory of Nyssa. In 'Critical Trusting & Anglican Education' he writes that 'When it comes to Anglican schooling and the search for truth, it's a good thing that Jesus remains at the heart of it all. When we keep Jesus at the centre we affirm what we already know from our experience of teaching subjects like maths, and music, and science, and history; that finding the truth requires critical thinking, yes. But, more importantly, it begins by learning to trust.  


Jim Raw, 'Working and Learning Together, ASA NEWS July 2016, pages 14-16.

Jim Raw, Anglican Schools Liaison Officer in the Diocese of Adelaide, writes about the many 'different and exciting' ways South Australia's twelve Anglican schools are working together to achieve outcomes that could not be realised by the individual schools. He comments on the Heads Forum, the Anglican Schools Networking Group and the role of the Senior Chaplain for Anglican Schools. In terms of the future, he notes the formation of the Provincial Anglican Education committee whose brief is to look into the feasibility of establishing new Anglican schools.


The Reverend Thom Bull and David Entwistle, Chaplaincy at Swan Valley Anglican Community School, ASA NEWS October 2016, pages 26-27.

The great London churchman John Stott once said of preaching that, "the essential secret is not mastering certain techniques but being mastered by certain convictions". This could equally be said of chaplaincy. As with any endeavour, the way in which a school engages in chaplaincy is determined by its convictions. A chaplaincy ministry which is faithful to Christ and fruitful for his kingdom will be shaped by convictions which arise from the foundational story of our faith, found in the Bible, and will translate these convictions into the life of its school community. At Swan Valley Anglican Community School we see chaplaincy as this challenging work of translation, bringing the school into the Bible's story, so that our story finds its place in the long, deep, life-giving story of God coming near to us in Christ.


Father Iain Furby, Chaplaincy at St Luke's, ASA NEWS October 2016, pages 30-33.

Father Iain Furby writes about his role as Chaplain at St Luke's Anglican School, QLD, a position he has held for six years. He cam to the school directly from parish ministry in Bundaberg. His hope for the students is that "they will see how important my faith is to me and that they want to have something of it for themselves".

The Reverend Dave Deeny, Chaplain's Chat, ASA NEWS October 2016, pages 34-35.


John Morton and Sue Tula, Christian Education and Worship at Pedare, ASA NEWS October 2016, pages 36-38.

Pedare Christian College (SA) Chaplain, John Morton, and Learning Area Coordinator Christian Life, Sue Tula, write about Christian education and worship at the College. They highlight the challenges and opportunities of delivering Christian education and worship programs to students, with a large number of the Pedare community having minimal worship experience.


The Reverend Lizzie Gaitskell, Looking Outwards with Compassion and Grace, ASA NEWS October 2016, pages 46-48.

The Reverend Lizzie Gaitskell, Chaplain at West Moreton Anglican College (QLD) writes about social justice. She says she often finds the first way our children and young people come to any understanding of God, faith, meaning and purpose, is through the power of story and the practice of social justice. Lizzie believes social justice "engenders 'big picture' thinking and action". It has the "capacity to invite children and young people into an inspiring, nourishing relationship with a God who is Love". 


Chaplaincy in Anglican Schools: Guidelines for the Consideration of Bishops, Heads of School, Chaplains, and Heads of Theological Colleges
A paper by the late Reverend Dr Tom Wallace on behalf of the Australian Anglican Schools Network (now known as Anglican Schools Australia), Anglican Church Office, North Adelaide, Aug 1999.



Ministry in Anglican Schools: Principles and Practicalities, 2012

Edited by Bishop Tom Frame, and published by Barton Books, this collection of essays by 18 contributors from across six states and the ACT provides thoughtful reflection on a range of aspects of ministry in Anglican schools. 

The publication of the book was supported by Anglican Schools Australia. 


Challenge and Choice: Australian Anglican Schools Today, 2014

Researched and written by Ruth Edwards and published by Barton Books, this book deals with the vexed question of what makes an Anglican school Anglican.