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Ministry in Anglican Schools 

Ministry in Anglican Schools: Principles and Practicalities, 2012

Edited by Bishop Tom Frame, and published by Barton Books, this collection of essays by 18 contributors from across six states and the ACT provides thoughtful reflection on a range of aspects of ministry in Anglican schools.

Anglican Schools Australia supported the publication of the book.


Indigenous Education Research Project

Dr Jennifer Barr investigated the scope, nature and effectiveness of indigenous education projects in Anglican schools, as well as identifying organisations and foundations best able to assist in the AASN's possible future endeavours in this area.


Dr Barr's research included making contact with a number of schools around the country and conducting a survey. Her report and recommendations for appropriate ways forward, were presented at the 2009 AASN Conference in Adelaide, held from 14-16 August 2009. Her final report, 'Indigenous education initiatives in AASN schools: building relationships' is available online.