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Service Learning @ ASA Schools 

Service Learning is a significant component of what we teach in our schools. We encourage schools to share their ideas about service learning by writing articles for publication in ASA NEWS.


All articles published in ASA NEWS are available from the Newsletter section of the website. Alternatively, click on the relevant edition of ASA NEWS below.





April 2018 edition

Trinity Anglican School, QLD, Trinity Students on the Roof of the World

St Mary's Anglican Girls' School, WA, Students sleep rough to help homeless youth, Service in Action in Cambodia

Anglican Church Grammar School, QLD, Churchie cricketers learning on and off the field

St Andrew's Cathedral School, NSW, Rough Edges volunteering makes for well-rounded students

Trinity College, SA, Saving Lives in Cambodia

Frederick Irwin Anglican School, WA, Walkabout Cambodia 2018

Camberwell Girls Grammar School, VIC, Camberwell Girls aim for saving lives, Days for Girls

Investigator College, SA, My Philippines Mission Experience


July 2018

Arden Anglican School, NSW, The Ride of a Lifetime, Arden's Girls' Night unites school community

St Mary's Anglican Girls' School, WA, St Mary's lend a hand at Ronald McDonald House

William Clarke College, NSW, A Passion to Serve - Feeding the Needy

Penrith Anglican College, NSW, Students bring HOPE to the Children of Cambodia 



Bishop Tyrell Anglican College, Learning, Leading and Serving in Cambodia, ASA NEWS April 2017, pages 60-61

The Reverend Noel Oakey, Myanmar Pilgrimage 2017, ASA NEWS April 2017, page 62-64

Daniel Polkinghorne, Learning from our Experiences in Nepal, ASA NEWS April 2017, pages 66-68

Arden Anglican School, Arden Students Hungry to Serve, ASA NEWS April 2017, pages 72-73

St George's Anglican Grammar School, St George's to the Rescue, ASA NEWS April 2017, page 74


Michelle Heath, On a Mission from Trinity2Cambodia, ASA NEWS July 2017, pages 26-28

St Mary's Anglican Girls' School, St Mary's students rought it for a record amount, ASA NEWS July 2017, pages 38-39

Mentone Girls' Grammar School, Mentone girls create sustainable mattress for homeless, ASA NEWS July 2017, pages 48-49

Arden Anglican School, Popular partnership for Arden students, ASA NEWS July 2017, pages 52-53


David Anderson, A Mission trip to the Solomon Islands, ASA NEWS October 2017, pages 22-24

St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls, St Hilda's girls tackle hardship with kindness, ASA NEWS October 2017, pages 38-39

Kelly Keall, Sleeping Out for a Cause: Anglicare WA School Sleep Out, ASA NEWS October 2017, pages 40-41

Hannah Kelly, Anglicare WA School Sleep Out: My Experience, ASA NEWS October 2017, pages 42-43

Arden Anglican School, Livng below the line a valuable lesson, ASA NEWS October 2017, pages 48-49

Arden Anglican School, A Glimpse into the life of a refugee, ASA NEWS October 2017, page 49

Sally Giam, Korowa Girls in new service learning program, ASA NEWS October 2017, pages 58-59

Arden Anglican School, Arden students go the extra mile for Cambodia and Vietnam, ASA NEWS October 2017, pages 60-61


St Hilda's School, St Hilda's joins Operations Wallacea, ASA NEWS December 2017, pages 12-13

Trinity Anglican College, Cadets fuel the flame for volunteering, ASA NEWS December 2017, pages 14-15

Arden Anglican School, Arden students bring the joy of Christmas, ASA NEWS December 2017, page 16

Emma Lasker, Coomera lends a helping hand, ASA NEWS December 2017, pages 18-19

St Luke's Grammar School, Cambodia: A real-life lesson on compassion, ASA NEWS December 2017, page 20

Perth College, A Helping Hand for young refugees, ASA NEWS December 2017, page 26

Christ Church Grammar School, South Yarra, Commemorating a Unique Partnership, ASA NEWS December 2017, page 27

Perth College, Kindy kids promote kindness in Kings Park, ASA NEWS December 2017, page 28

Whitsunday Anglican School, Whitsunday Anglican School continues Christmas donation tradition, ASA NEWS December 2017, page 35



Kevin Liman, Making A Difference in the Philippines, ASA NEWS April 2016, pages 68-70. 

Naomi Cooke, Transforming Service: An ecumenical gathering of educators, ASA NEWS July 2016, pages 54-57.

Tony Card, Transforming Service, ASA NEWS July 2016, pages 58-60.

Gillian Moses, Transforming Service Transforming School Culture, ASA NEWS July 2016, pages 62-65.

Tim Russell, Learning to know the nature of service, ASA NEWS July 2016, pages 66-68.

Phil O'Connor, Service is central to our teachings, philosophy and faith, ASA NEWS July 2016, pages 70-71.

Karen Simpson, Over The Fence Ministry Grabs Teens' Attention, ASA NEWS July 2016, pages 72-73.

Wendy Mulder, Experiencing Country Life, ASA NEWS July 2016, pages 80-82.


Marnie Thomas, Social Justice for the Head, the Hands and the Heart at Newcastle Grammar School, ASA NEWS, October 2016, pages 50-52.

Sam Cecins and Kelly Keall, Anglican Students Sleeping Rough for Homeless Youth, ASA NEWS October 2016, pages 54-55.

The Reverend Dr Anne van Gend, Visiting Overseas Schools: Exploring a difficult issue, ASA NEWS October 2016, pages 56-59.

Arden Students Go The Extra Mile, ASA NEWS October 2016, pages 60-62.

David Witcomb, From trampling to treading lightly, ASA NEWS October 2016, pages 64-66.


Pulteney Grammar School, Pulteney Digs Deep For Nepal, ASA NEWS September 2015, page 33.

Darren Stevenson, The Gift of Giving, ASA NEWS September 2015, pages 34-36.

David Baker, RWANDA 2015: A Journey of Discovery, Uncertainty and Learning, ASA NEWS September 2015, pages 38-43.

Wesley Chambers, The Laos Project: A story of compassion and generous community spirit, ASA NEWS September 2015, pages 44-46.

Maggie Dunnill, Privileged to Help, ASA NEWS September 2015, pages 48-49.

Revd Peter Waterhouse, Learning the Importance of Tolerance and Service, ASA NEWS September 2015, pages 50-51.

Kerry Ramsay, Stepping Up and Out for the Homeless in Adelaide, ASA NEWS September 2015, pages 52-54.

Dan Mornement, Making Dolls to Make a Difference, ASA NEWS September 2015, pages 56-57.

Dr Emma Burgess, Chaplain Scott Sargent and David Witcomb, Service Above Self, ASA NEWS September 2015, pages 58-61.

Shona Goggin, Kambala Students Commit to Sustainable Projects, ASA NEWS September 2015, pages 62-64.

Di Rufus, Loving Our Neighbours: An Australian-Zambian Partnership, ASA NEWS September 2015, pages 66-68.


Mark Grainger, Building Authentic Community Connections, ASA NEWS December 2015, pages 52-55.

Alicia Dodd and Aaron Butcher, Lessons Learnt in Arnhem Land, ASA NEWS December 2015, pages 58-61.

Robern Hinchliffe, Lessons for Life, ASA NEWS December 2015, pages 62-63.




George Huitker, Radford's G-Trips, ASA NEWS June 2014, pages 8-11.

Swan Valley Anglican Community School, Fundraising for the Leukaemia Foundation, ASA NEWS June 2014, page 12.

Jo Pengelley, Volunteering in Education Centres in Phnom Penh, ASA NEWS June 2014, pages 16-17.

Kate Chesson, Homeless Experiment comes to Christ Church, ASA NEWS June 2014, pages 18-19.

Lauren Kenny, Volunteering in the Hawkesbury Community Kitchen, ASA NEWS June 2014, pages 20-21.

Matt Hodge, The Whitsunday Way, ASA NEWS June 2014, pages 22-23.


St Andrew's School, Walkerville, Willing Hands Make Hearty Soup, ASA NEWS October 2014, page 28.


St Paul's School, Serving in Vanuatu, ASA NEWS December 2014, pages 18-19.

Margaret Maccoll, #helpie - A Helping Selfie, ASA NEWS December 2014, pages 20-21.

Revd Andrew P Syme, Students Drive Community Service at Caulfield, ASA NEWS December 2014, pages 22-23.

Korowa Anglican Girls' School, Making A Difference, ASA NEWS December 2014, pages 24-25.

St Mary's Anglican Girls' School, Anglicare at St Mary's, ASA NEWS December 2014, pages 26-27.