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Strategic Plan

ASA's new strategic plan, Strategic Plan 2020, was developed in 2016. Central to the planning process was a detailed survey on ASA's priorities and future directions which was sent to all members. On this occasion 130 members responded which is almost double the number of respondents to the survey released prior to the drafting of the network's inaugural strategic plan in 2013. 


The plan affirms ASA's Core Purpose - 'to support and serve Anglican schools in fulfilling their Christian Mission'.


During the planning process six Core Values were identified:


Service - Supporting the needs of our member schools in the spirit of servant leadership

Inclusivity - Respecting the diversity of Anglican schools and their communities

Integrity - Being ethical, honest and transparent

Courage - Standing up for our beliefs

Justice - Acting justly and fairly

Generosity of Spirit - Treating others with love and kindness         


Management Committee identified seven key priorities for the next four years.

They are as follows:

  • Creating opportunities for collaboration and mutual support, including connecting members between ASA conferences
  • Enhancing support for School Chaplains, recognising that ASA is one of their major collegiate networks
  • Stimulating discussion and sharing of knowledge on key issues and opportunities impacting Anglican schools
  • Undertaking collegial research and development projects which build the capacity of Anglican schools as contemporary Christian communities
  • Strengthening advocacy for Anglican schools with a particular focus on Government and the Church
  • Building alliances to extend our horizons including social justice partnerships with Anglican agencies and the benefits of extending our network to embrace New Zealand Anglican schools
  • Being open to new ways to support the work of Anglican schools as faith-inspired communities of learning

Strategic Plan 2020 will be delivered through three Core Activities, which all contribute to the Christian life of Anglican schools.

  • Collegiality and Collaboration
  • Research and Development Initiatives
  • Advocacy and Alliances

The Plan will be enabled by effective marketing and communication coupled with innovative leadership and sound administration, ensuring ASA's financial sustainability.


The Committee encourages members to read the plan and absorb ASA's priorities for the next four years.


Click here to view the Strategic Plan.