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Our thanks to the following speakers for permitting us to share their presentations or speaking notes from the conference:

Keynote speaker: The Most Reverend Geoffrey Smith

Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia and Archbishop of Adelaide

Address excerpt: The Christian worldview as it is embraced in Anglican schools will be reflected in the culture
and the activity of the school. And the reason will be clear-we are an Anglican Christian school. Markers like Chapel being taken seriously and not pushed to the edge of the timetable. Senior staff attending and affirming and participating in the worship life of the school. Senior staff speaking of their own faith. Investing in chaplaincy and teaching the Christian faith in a serious kind of way.

Embracing or re embracing the Christian faith of an Anglican school can be incredibly positive gift to the school community and especially the students who are part of the school. The Christian faith, based on the love of God, filled with the optimism and hope of the kingdom of God brings life and purpose.

Keynote speaker: Dr Donna Cross OAM

Emeritus Professor (UWA) and Chief Behavioural Advisor (NSW Government)

Presentation abstract: School leaders have a critical influence on the whole school’s wellbeing: their leadership, decisions, strengths, capabilities, and their wellbeing significantly influence the education, health and social wellbeing outcomes of students, and the professional and wellbeing outcomes of school staff. To effectively address student wellbeing, the wellbeing of leaders and other school staff must also be addressed.

This presentation reviews the current context of school leader and staff wellbeing in Australian schools. It also provides evidence and recommendations to help school boards and leaders implement policies, practices and procedures that can support and improve school leaders’ and staff wellbeing and mental health.

Eucharist Sermon: Bishop Stephen Pickard

Sermon excerpt: The wisdom of the carpenter’s son and Mary’s child continues in the Spirit of the resurrected Christ. It is an ever-emergent wisdom. If only we had eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to desire we could find it hidden within the great disciplines that together make education and the formation of young lives so meaningful and endlessly fascinating.

Chaplains’ Day speakers

Towards a Theology of School Chaplaincy, in conversation with:

The Reverend Canon Professor Scott Cowdell

Australian Centre For Christianity and Research, Charles Sturt University

The Reverend Associate Professor Dr Andrew Cameron 

Lecturer in Theological Ethics and Director of St Mark’s National Theological Centre, Charles Sturt University

The Reverend Dr Jane Foulcher

Senior Lecturer at St Mark’s National Theological Centre, Charles Sturt University

Mr John Foulcher 

Renowned Poet

Reflections in poetry: Sarah Agnew

Storyteller, Poet and Minister

Poetic responses to keynote speakers serving as guided reflections. 

Poem excerpt: 

Passion, compassion, presence;
purpose, truthtelling, speaking
in language, in sign, with heart,
in song – let all earth revere Holy One;
Rejoice in Holy One always
guarded by Peace and what is true,
guided by lovee

Sketch Notes: Reverend Paul Joy


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