Keynote 1 – Joy in Leadership

A Peacekeeper’s Perspective on Joy in Leadership

Matina Jewell, Global Keynote Speaker, Author and Thought Leader

Keynote 2 – Joy in Prayer

How Prayer Spaces in Schools are helping students to connect with God

Phil Togwell, Director, Prayer Spaces in Schools, a Minister of 24-7, UK

Keynote 3 – Joy in Story

A Journey to Saga Iceland

Associate Professor Kari Gislason, Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology

Keynote 4 – Joy in Data

Measuring the Learning We Value

Maddie Scott-Jones, Director of Communities, Education Changemakers

Keynote 5 – Joy in Service

Joy the Most Infallible Sign of the Presence of God

Br Damien Price, Coordinator Developing Nationa, Oceania Province of the Christian Brothers