Access Personal Travel Discounts!

The FCM corporate benefits expert consultants are your ticket to accessing discounts and benefits on your next holiday, exclusive to employees of existing corporate clients of Flight Centre Travel Group.


As a Flight Centre corporate benefits member, you’ll enjoy:

  • An exclusive dedicated team of experts
  • $50 Welcome Travel Voucher when you sign up
  • Up to 10% off Cover-More Travel Insurance
  • Access to member-only travel deals
  • Arrangement of travel e-gift cards as prizes or gifts.


Q. How do I access discounts and benefits?

A. You must be a current club member or employee of an existing corporate client of a Flight Centre Travel Group brand.
Sign up with your credentials and your organisation trading name.
Call 1300 174 589 to book with one of our dedicated Flight Centre Corporate Benefits travel agents, using the same email address you signed up with.
Q. Where can I access Flight Centre Corporate Benefits?

A. You can only access member benefits via our dedicated Flight Centre Corporate Benefits team. Call 1300 174 589 to book. Benefits cannot be redeemed online.
Q. How many times can an employee/club member access benefits?

A. You have unlimited access to benefits provided you meet eligibility criteria.
Q. What happens if I am no longer an employee or club member? Do I lose access?

A. If you leave your employment or club, you will lose access to benefits. Any benefits claimed or applied during your time of employment or membership will remain valid.
Q. How can I redeem my $50 welcome voucher?

A.  Upon signing up to Flight Centre Corporate Benefits, you will receive an email with your $50 welcome voucher code. When booking your next holiday over $500, simply quote this code to the dedicated Flight Centre Corporate Benefits team to redeem your $50 off. Ensure that you use your voucher before its expiry date to avoid disappointment.