Adrian is the Principal of Trinity Grammar School, Kew in Melbourne. He was previously the Principal of Cathedral College Wangaratta, overseeing the school’s growth from 327 students in 2013 to around 970 in 2019. He holds a Masters in Educational Management and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Melbourne.

Adrian has broad experience in Independent and Christian schools, having worked for seven years at Penleigh and Essendon Grammar and for nine years at Camberwell Grammar School in Melbourne. He attended Melbourne Grammar, an Anglican school, as a student. Adrian held various leadership roles prior to becoming a principal, including Head of Middle School, YLC roles, Head of House and overseeing many co-curricular programs.

The son of an Anglican Bishop, a former delegate to Melbourne Synod and a member of a number of local parishes over the course of his life, Adrian has a strong sense of the breadth of the Anglican Communion and an appreciation of the diversity that it offers, particularly through its schools.

His happiness is somewhat tied to the fortunes of the North Melbourne Football Club.