The Anglican Schools Australia Connections Forum is a one-of-a-kind forum for Religious Studies Teachers from Anglican schools in Australia to connect online and in-person, to learn from and with each other, as a professional learning community.  

The forum program aims to further inspire and equip you to develop and deliver academically challenging and personally affirming Religious Studies programs with confidence, creativity and skill. 

The forum will be conducted via a hybrid approach – online and in hub events. The hub events are a wonderful opportunity to connect, collaborate and network face-to-face with your peers.   

We thank the Anglican Schools Commission for their assistance in organising this event.


Weaving Journeys 

Religious Educators and their students are on faith and spiritual journeys. Meeting others wherever they may be on their own unique journey is important. We hope that, in weaving together the threads of our lives and our beliefs in our classrooms, we will create a rich and diverse fabric of learning and understanding across schools.

Stories | Culture | Relationships 

The 2024 conference theme ‘Weaving Journeys’ invites us to overtly ground our interactions with students in Religious Studies into a form of journey, one that connects stories, culture, and relationships into an integrated whole. As educators, we explore religious ideas through stories, knowing that they help us to delve deeply into the cultural aspects of faith, and of the society in which we live. We recognise that, at the heart of what we do, are our relationships: with ourselves, with each other, and with God. In unpacking this approach together, we hope to foster intellectual humility and create learning environments marked by respectful discourse, empathy, and mutual understanding, enabling both teachers and students to flourish.


  Date: Tuesday, 21 May 2024

  Time: 8:00am – 11:55am AWST
  10:00am – 1:55pm AEST

  Cost: Complimentary to staff from ASA members schools.

  Pre-reading or preparation: Nil.

  Bring: An active ear and open heart.


  The forum will be conducted via a hybrid approach to facilitate the     
  participation of every ASA Religious Studies Educator that wishes to
  attend. You have the option of participating: 

  • In-person, via a hub located in Perth, Brisbane or Wangaratta, or
  • Online, via Zoom Events.

  You are encouraged to attend in-person if this is possible for you, as the   
  Connections Forum is a wonderful opportunity to network and…connect! 



  To attend and connect in-person: 

  For Brisbane hub – register here
  For Perth hub – register here
  For Wangaratta hub – register here

  To attend online:

  Register here